Case Studies – Journal of Infectious Disease Supplement

Published as a supplement to the Journal of Infectious Diseases, the following case studies demonstrate how the PPA can benefit country programs at a national and sub-national level.

  • Results Summary – Finding the missing TB patients: lessons learned from patient-pathway analysis in 5 countries
  • Methodology Overview – Conducting Patient Pathway Analysis to inform TB programming: Methodology
  • Philippines – Using patient pathway analysis to design patient-centered referral networks for diagnosis and treatment of TB: the case of the Philippines
  • Kenya – Using Patient-Pathway Analysis to inform a differentiated program response to TB: the case of Kenya
  • Pakistan  – Delivering patient-centered care in a fragile state: using patient-pathway analysis to understand TB-related care seeking in Pakistan
  • Ethiopia – Increasing access to TB services in Ethiopia: Findings from patient-pathway analysis
  • Indonesia – Quality TB care in Indonesia: Using Patient-Pathway Analysis to optimize public-private collaboration
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